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Morriss, George, Class of 1969

On October 7, we welcomed Katherine Bailey Morriss into our family six weeks before we expected her. She has to stay in the hospital for a bit, but is doing well. My wife, Sue and I, had an experience of a lifetime, visiting the Holy Land in February. I am embarking on a new adventure as an Adjunct Faculty Member at the Columbia University School of International Policy and Administration. I will be working with second year masters students on a research project sponsored by the Congressional Research Service. We will be trying to come up with explanations as to why bank lending has been so restrained in this anemic economic recovery.

Shoemaker, Alvin "Spike", Class of 1960

I recently received the Deans medal from Wharton which is their highest honor and the opening of Shoemaker green which is where the old tennis courts were in front of the Palestra. My kids said Dad with all this attention maybe they know something about your health that you don't know. Are they getting ready to lay you out! Al Shoemaker

Greenawalt, Jon "Greenie", Class of 1961

I continue to go full bore (but not full time) with my leadership development consulting practice here in Michigan. “Retirement” is not an active word in my vocabulary. I love what I do, my clients still listen to me and send their checks. Men who retire and give up their life’s passion without replacing it die early, so I will pursue this vocation as long as I am effective.

I also continue to do a great deal of work for the Fraternity. I am the Grand Praetor for East Michigan Province, with 5 chapters under my watch. I am also serving my second term on the Leadership Training Board, responsible for developing an alumni track at BLTW and beyond that will inspire more alumni to become more involved in supporting the undergraduate chapters.

For the 12th consecutive year, at the request of the Consul Kevin Gramza, I will again in November conduct the Leadership Development Project for the undergraduate officers and emerging leaders at Phi Phi.

It’s great to be a Sig!

Goldsmith, John, Class of 1963

After 50 years of running two regional financial service firms, Prescott Ball and Turben, and Tucker Anthony, I decided to give it a brake for a while. Prescott (PBT) was a very successful Cleveland based regional firms with offices from Ohio to the east coast.

After 16 years of great returns we sold the firm to what turned out to be a Swiss Insurance Company. I left because I felt very strongly that moving all their brokerage companies to Chicago was a bad idea. So for all intents and purposes I was fired. I was also lucky because at the same time John Hancock was looking for someone to run their brokerage firm. It was managed in Boston but had big offices in NY. Many of the people, who helped make the Ohio Company successful, joined me in New York and Boston and we helped develop Tucker Anthony into a very successful Company. In the mid 90’s we, management and employees with the help of Tommy Lee one of the early and very successful money managers bought the firm from John Hancock. I stayed for a year and a year and a half and decided that was enough. Since then I have tried to stay busy helping several groups of younger guy’s new business started. In the meantime it keeps me off the streets and out of my wife’s hair. We live in Swampscott Mass. My wife and I live down the street from our grandchildren, a 17 year boy and two girls, one 16 and one 13.

Hull, Anthony, Class of 1967

Continue to find living in New Mexico a rich experience. Recently I have become Adjunct Professor of Physics and Astronomy at the University of New Mexico. This is in addition to my L-3 engagement in next generation spaceborne telescopes and very large astronomical ground based telescopes.

I am also leading a study of the 1960s and 1970s in Placitas where I live. The local back-to-the-land movement here was significant, with all sorts of interesting connections to music and poetry, and innovative architecture.

Was delayed getting to the airport a few days ago because of wild horses in the road. Would be pleased to hear from other PhiPhi alums in New Mexico. (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Sadlier, William, Class of 1962

Hey!! Class of '62. I'm planning on attending our 50th reunion in 2012 and hope many of our fellow Sigs will be there. Let me know at my e-mail address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. In Hoc, Bill Sadlier

Van Deusen, Lawrence, Class of 1962

I have embarked on another of life's milestones: moving into a 55+ community. Great.

Sharron, A., Class of 1964

My son was a Phi Phi, Class of '95 and my daughter was a Penn grad, Class of '98.