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Thomas Hoff '57 - (Passed away in January 2015) - More Information

Donald Gilliand '57 - (Passed away in May 2015) - More Information

Robert Burian '56 - (Passed away in May 2015 after suffering from a second stroke)
His wife Barbara writes, "Brother Paul Hiller '66 read the white rose prayer and we all placed white roses on the gravesite. Please let the brothers know, that Sigma Chi, and the fellowship you shared, were a very important part of Bob's life. We will place a white rose on his grave each year, knowing that it will forever bind all the brothers in faith."

Donald Dunlap '56 - (Passed away in June 2011 after suffering a long illness with chronic lung disease.) - Read Obituary

James Shope (150396) - deceased

Sbrilli, Fred, Class of 1956

Still going strong in the real estate business and other ventures. My son (a fellow Sigma Chi) is living the good life in Berlin. how do you young guys get away with this?

McComas, Murray, Class of 1958

I attended my 50th class reunion in May along with a large number of my Phi Phi pledge brothers. It was an uplifting experience. I had my first ""legacy"" grandson on June 24th!

Bowden, George, Class of 1953

I have been retired since 1998 following a long career in cosmetic packaging as an agent for a UK manufacturer. I have been married twice, have nine children and ten gradnchildren that keep me hopping.

Kress, Richard "Quig", Class of 1950

Richard Q. Kress, longtime Greenwich resident and former president of Norelco, died October 14, 2006 in Greenwich. He was 78.

Complications from numerous health problems caused his death after a brief hospitalization, his family said.

As President of Norelco, the consumer products division of North American Philips Corp., Mr. Kress was said to have single-handedly driven the rotary shaver business throughout the 70s. During his tenure at Norelco, Mr. Kress boosted sales to over $3.2 billion with 60% of the market share. Mr. Kress had a flair for the dramatic when it came to his annual sales meetings once donning a Patton costume to command his ‘troops,’ another time dressing up as Super Man and flying between two buildings. But perhaps he was best known, both here and in The Netherlands, home of parent company, N.V. Philips Corp., as the “Norelco Kid” in his Stetson hat with the Norelco shaver heads hatband.

Born in Lancaster, PA, Mr. Kress was the son of Charles E. Kress and May Quinn Kress. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree from the University of Pennsylvania in 1950 and an MBA from Wharton School of Business in 1952. He was a member of Sigma Chi fraternity.

In 1963 he joined North American Philips Corp. as director of advertising. In 1971 he was elected President of Norelco Consumer Products Division of North American Philips Corp. He retired in 1986.

Mr. Kress received numerous awards for his service to N.V. Philips Corp. including being elected “Tax Free Citizen for Life” in Drachten, Holland and having a tulip named after him by Queen Juliana of The Netherlands.

Mr. Kress was a member of the Monomoy Yacht Club in Chatham, MA and the founder of the Connecticut River Foundation in Essex, CT.

He is survived by his longtime companion, Katherine A. Wagner; a daughter, Stacie Kress Booker of St. Petersburg, FL; a son, Richard Q. Kress Jr. of New York City; daughters Megan Torelli of Riverside, and Sharon Kress of Wilton, CT; two nieces, Charleen Kress of Boston and Nenette Kress of New York; and four grandchildren, Michael and Kathryn Booker, and Alexander and Lea Torelli. A brother, Charles E. Kress, Jr. and a stepsister, Mary Ann Byrnes predecease him.

An avid boater and fisherman, beloved father and larger than life personality, Mr. Kress will be missed by his family, friends, the “Norelco Gang,” and the waters of Long Island Sound.