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Boring day? These hilarious memories will put a smile on your face and take you back to your days as an undergrad. Relive your wild days and share your memories with us at here.

What is the memory that makes you laugh hardest today?

"Hoisting a Keg into a Penn Football game!" - Ken Halbrecht, '83

Describe the best party

"Strawberry Daiquiri Parties filled with the results of Social Chairmen’s' work at Chestnut Hill, et al." - Ken Halbrecht, '83

Describe your favorite/best road trip

"Initiation! Thanks Carlos!" - Ken Halbrecht, '83

What is the one memory you have shared or will share?

"Lessons we learn from knowing both our brothers and our pledges: cases (20 yrs apart) of Diabetes special needs, and the “what seems innocent” clique, could be tremendous peer pressure to others." - Ken Halbrecht, '83