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By now, you should have received an email including your new login information for www.phiphi-sigmachi.org. If you forget your username or password, just click on “forget username?” or “forget password?” near the login area on the home page. As long as you have a valid email address on file, you will receive your information.


The revamped design gives us a sleeker, cleaner look as we work to recruit the brightest and best new brothers for the future of Phi Phi. With many fraternity organizations turning to websites with high design as a recruiting tool, our virtual “chapter house” has become a key component in our representation to the public.

For alumni brothers, there are also a number of improvements. Some of these include:

  • A streamlined directory that makes searching for brothers simple and quick
  • User-friendly alumni profile, update, and photo sections where you can check out what’s new with brothers and look back on your college years
  • Top of the line security that ensure safe and protected online giving
  • Event management software so that reunion events can be announced and registration tracked, allowing brothers to see who has signed up to what and when
  • Complete social networking integration with Facebook and LinkedIn, allowing you to have a one-stop browsing experience if desired

For a complete how-to for everything you need to know to access the improved site, click here.