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When the Sigma Chi Club of Philadelphia, Inc. (our alumni house corporation) purchased our stately chapter house at 3809 Locust Walk in 1920, a generous Phi Phi alumni brother stepped forward with a unique gift.
Edward W. Burnshaw Jr., a 1913 graduate of the Wharton School, donated the beautiful grandfather clock that has welcomed countless brothers and guests, ringing out its familiar Westminster chime every hour on the hour for 93 years.
On the small brass plaque affixed to the clock, reads the following dedication and words of wisdom:

Presented by Edward W. Burnshaw, Jr. Phi Phi, Sigma Chi


The Phi Phi Chapter of Sigma Chi Fraternity

On the occasion of the Dedication of their Chapter House

November 13, 1920

"He who lives well lives long, time misspent is not lived, but lost"

(Clock manufactured by J.E. Caldwell & Co.)

University of Pennsylvania Alumni Records and Philadelphia newspaper clippings of the day report that Burnshaw, a resident of 904 Pembroke Ave., Lansdowne, Pa., would go on attain a successful career in the local automobile industry. An early copy of Motor Age reported: "Edward W. Burnshaw, Jr., former general manager and treasurer of the Girard Automobile Co., Philadelphia distributor of Peerless cars, and more recently connected with the Sweeten Automobile Co., Ford and Lincoln dealer, has been appointed vice president and general manager of the Universal Agency, a Ford and Lincoln agency located at 3427 Chestnut St. (on the eastern border of the Penn campus)" And the 1919 Yearbook of The Franklin Institute lists as a member, Edward W. Burnshaw, Jr., President of Burnshaw Motor Company, located at 245 North Broad Street, Philadelphia.

Brother Burnshaw passed on to the Chapter Eternal in 1941 and is buried at Holy Cross Cemetery in Yeadon, Pa. His generous gift, made in 1920 to the Phi Phi Chapter, with its familiar chime and wise words live on. He truly lived well and lived long!