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Jamie '08 and Charles Green '10 are more than just Sigma Chi brothers. They are blood brothers who now share an very special connection - they joined together to sponsor their former bedroom at 3809 Locust Walk, The Gym. Now living on opposite coasts, the brothers know they always have a place to call "home" at Phi Phi.

Jamie, why did you join Sigma Chi as an undergraduate? What made it stand apart from other Penn fraternities?
Jamie (JG): My sister was a senior at Penn when I was a freshman and introduced me to some of the guys in Sigma Chi who she was friends with. I knew right away it was the house I wanted to join. The guys she introduced me to have become lifelong friends. In my mind, there is only one fraternity on campus.

Charles, why did you follow in your brother's footsteps and join Sigma Chi too?
Charles (CG): When I showed up on campus during NSO, Jamie was studying abroad but his friends were very welcoming and immediately reached out to me. Over the fall, I spent a good amount of time hanging out with them around the house and knew it was a great scene. As I rushed the house in January it became abundantly clear that my pledge class was made up of solid dudes and Sigma Chi was 100% the house for me.

Jamie, how does it make you feel to have your brother follow in your footsteps?
JG: Incredibly proud and happy...and relieved he didn't join another house!

For both of you, why does it make you proud to be brothers in more ways than one?
JG: I am not a good enough writer to describe how proud I am to be brothers with Charlie.
CG: It is truly an honor to me that I am brothers, best friends and fraternity brothers with Jamie. I think being fraternity brothers helped cement our relationship.

Share your best memory from being active in the chapter at the same time.
JG: My senior year, my brother was a sophomore living in The Gym and I lived in the room across from it. It was a wonderful experience to live in the chapter house with my brother.
CG: I couldn't agree more. Living in the Chapter House together, especially across the hall from each other, was amazing. We had too much fun - from the school of piranhas, Howie the ferret (Franklin Howard Scobey), trips to AC and numerous unremarkable nights at Smokes it was a very special year.

Why did you decide to name The Gym at the house by making a sizable donation?
JG: We have gotten to know Al Shoemaker (Phi Phi '60) over the years and have always been impressed with his dedication to the house many years after he graduated. Charlie and I had wanted to give back and we both lived in the gym when we were sophomores and it held a special place in our memories of college.
CG: Gymnasts have always been a cut above the rest!

Why would you encourage other alumni to do the same?
JG: The only way the house continues to create special memories for the next generation is if alumni give back.

Why is it important for alumni to give back to Phi Phi, at any level?
JG: Because the house gave so much to you when you were an undergrad. It is now time to give back to it.
CG: The house provided the framework for some of my best college memories. I want to be certain that young men of character continue to have that opportunity and hope that all alumni can agree to that. Any gift, no matter the size, helps.

In what other ways do you stay involved as alumni?
JG: I go back for homecoming and reunions as often as possible.
CG: Same.

What is the best thing about the alumni experience?
JG: Lifelong friends and beating those lifelong friends at fantasy football.
CG: May I use this as an avenue to remind you that I am winning this year and you are not?
Seriously - it is about having an incredible network of amazing friends. When I see brothers I haven't seen for a few years, we immediately reconnect as if no time has passed.

What are your hopes for the future of Phi Phi?
JG: It continues as the only house on campus
CG: And that it continues to bring together amazing men creating fantastic memories

Share an update on what you've each been doing since graduation (career, family, hobbies, etc.)
JG: I recently moved back to San Francisco after spending the last 3 years in Philadelphia. I am married with two young boys, ages two and a half and one. I work for a private equity firm.
CG: I have lived in New York City since graduating and enjoy seeing my local fraternity brothers on a regular basis. I work for BlackRock Kelso Capital and occupy my time outside of work skiing, golfing and going to concerts. The last show I saw was The String Cheese Incident with Jorge Beruff (Phi Phi '06) and Justin Mascitelli (Phi Phi '06).