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Tyler Roth feels a strong drive to give everything he is capable of back to Phi Phi. That’s why he ran for election as the chapter’s 2015 Consul. In his position this year, Tyler is striving to recruit and initiate the best young men at Penn as Sigma Chis. Read more to learn about Tyler’s background, his fraternity experience to date, his involvement with Wharton, and what makes Sigma Chi stand apart from other fraternities on campus.

Give a bit of background on yourself (hometown, major, class year, other campus activities).
I am from Bloomfield Hills, Michigan which is roughly 20 miles northwest of Detroit.  I am a currently a junior in Wharton and am concentrating in real estate.  Aside from Sigma Chi I am heavily involved with the Wharton Undergraduate Real Estate Club.  I also played linebacker on the football team until this last summer when a back injury made it difficult to continue playing.  I still remain close with my teammates.

Why did you join Sigma Chi?
I joined Sigma Chi as a freshman.  It has been the best decision I have made to date.  I was first drawn to our brotherhood by several football players and alumni who told me to see what Sigma Chi was about.  The closeness of the brotherhood, values the brothers held, and the strong alumni network was what solidified my decision to become a Phi Phi.

What has been your best fraternity memory to date?
My best memory as a Phi Phi thus far was Derby Days last spring.

Why did you decide to run for Consul of Phi Phi?
I ran for president because Sigma Chi has given me with more than I could have imagined.  I felt it was my obligation to give everything I am capable of back to our chapter.  I have been in many leadership roles both within Phi Phi and outside and I wanted the challenge of continuing the phenomenal tradition of leadership our consuls have created

What are your goals as Consul in 2015?
The most important goal we have as a chapter is to recruit and initiate the best men Penn has to offer this spring.  Our Recruitment Chairman, Giuseppe Maiocco has already hit the ground running and we have a spring rush planned that we believe will be the strongest in quite some time.  Other than recruitment, I will to continue to emphasize and implement what our past consuls Conor Hails and Robert Alexander have created:  a culture of accountability, a tight brotherhood between all pledge classes, and academic and financial responsibility within each of our brothers.

What challenges do you face, and how do you plan to overcome them?
The biggest challenge we face as a chapter is risk management.  A growing disapproval of Greek culture has put fraternities and sororities across the country under a microscope.   This past year, we implemented a new risk management plan we adopted from the Alpha Omega Chapter at Stanford which was awarded the Balfour Risk Management Award in 2013.  This new plan has educated our brothers how to manage the risks Phi Phi faces.   Along with this, we have educational seminars throughout the year about alcohol and drug abuse, using social media appropriately, and sexual assault prevention which are sponsored by both the University and Nationals and are mandatory for brothers to attend.

What is your advice to incoming pledges and future generations of brothers at Penn?
My advice for future Phi Phis is to take full advantage of everything Sigma Chi has to offer.  Too often young men hoping to join fraternities look only surface deep and see the parties we through.  However, being a Sig is about becoming a better man through the bonds of brotherhood, a focus on academics, and creating self-worth through responsibility and accountability.

In what ways has alumni participation influenced the active chapter, in your opinion?
Our alumni have been a benefit to our chapter in many ways.  Financially, we are enormously grateful for all of the donations our alumni have given.  These donations have allowed us to maintain the nicest fraternity house on campus as well as support our philanthropic endeavors such as Derby Days and other charity events.  When our brothers are looking for jobs or internships throughout the country, there is always a Phi Phi there willing to pull strings to help out an active.  Lastly, the continued support and advice our alumni provide is invaluable.

In your opinion, what makes Sigma Chi stand apart from other fraternities at Penn?
What sets Sigma Chi apart from the other fraternities on campus is how close our brotherhood is.  This closeness has allowed our alumni to truly embrace the lifelong oath they took to Sigma Chi.  We have a network of alumni who remain involved with the fraternity that no other chapter at Penn can match.

Why would you encourage more alumni to become involved with the chapter during your presidency?
As I mentioned, we have a tremendous alumni network.  I would encourage any alum who wishes to contribute to our chapter in any manner to do so.  Whether it be helping actives find jobs, making donations, or simply stopping by the house to say hello and share your experiences, all of our brothers truly appreciate it.  Anything you could contribute would help us maintain the strongest brotherhood Penn has to offer.

What are your plans/goals for after graduation?
After I graduate I plan to become an officer in the Marine Corps.  After the Marines I plan to work in real estate development in the great City of Detroit.


Is there anything else you’d like to add?
I would like to say a special thank you to alumni Mark Kocent, Jon Greenawalt, Murray McComas, Jon Huntsman Sr., and all of the brothers who made it to the chapter house during Homecoming. We appreciate your continued support and wish you the best in 2015.

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