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After resolving some unforeseen conditions below grade, including the removal of a former septic tank and coal storage room, the above ground construction phase moved into full gear in August. The concrete block enclosure of the new stair tower is nearing completion and its brick cladding will follow in early September. The internal steel stair assembly and bridges that will link back to the house are in production. Inside, on the third floor, the egress corridor was realigned and three new single bedrooms were created. The project is scheduled to be completed in early October. In order for the brothers to safely occupy the House this fall, a temporary scaffold stair was installed adjacent to the new egress door locations. The existing terra cotta tile and other exterior finishes will be repaired and replaced as part of the project. 

Photo caption: progress photo from Aug 27th of the New Stair Tower at the rear of 3809 Locust Walk