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The Annual Meeting of the Alumni House Corporation (The Sigma Chi Club of Philadelphia, Inc.) was held on Saturday November 7, 2015 at the Chapter House.

Board President Mark Kocent ‘82 called the meeting to order and the first item on the agenda was Board elections. A slate of candidates was proposed and approved for a 1-year term.

Mark Kocent ’82 - President

Gerald Knorr ’82 - Vice President and Treasurer

Maury Nunes ’70 - Legal Counsel

Steven Adler ’82  

Michael Bergstrom ‘13

Jon Greenawalt, Jr. ’91

Dhananjay Pai ’83

Tom Valenti ’00

Andrew Weinstock ’13

Reed Werner ’01

Ronald Woodmansee ’82

*Tyler Roth ’15 – Current Undergraduate Consul

Stay tuned to the fall Quaker Sig and our December eLetter for many more updates from this year’s Annual Meeting.