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Our sincere thanks go out to the undergraduate brothers, their families and our Phi Phi alumni for their generous support in reaching this goal. May we all continue to help realize Brother Huntsman’s challenge to be the Generation to End Cancer!

Listed below are the donors to the 2015-16 Derby Challenge.

Huntsman Cancer Institute

$20,000 Club - Phi Phi Chapter

2015-16 Derby Challenge


Marie and Murray McComas, ’58


Nancy and Paul Kelly, ‘62

Monica and Gerald Knorr, ‘82

Vincent Kolber, ‘74

Ronald Caronia, ‘81

Willis Hesselroth, ‘65


Richard Carroll, ‘73

Thomas Farrell, ‘68   

Jon Greenawalt, Sr. ‘61

Robert Hellauer, ‘73

Elizabeth Wiltshire, PAR

Norman Wohlken, ‘54


Mitch Bland, ‘78

Steven Bujno, ‘82

Amy Chalgren, PAR

Jayne Flynn, PAR

 Gus Harris, PAR

Linda and Mark Kocent, ‘82

Vince Kolbr, ‘74

Glenn Muir, PAR

Charles O’Neill, ‘69

Dhananjay Pai, ‘83

Joseph Rubin, PAR

Joseph Shulson, PAR

Joseph Sheetz, ‘89

Alvin Shoemaker, ‘60

Steven Theiss, PAR

Up to $200

Mary Andrews, PAR

Deborah Azur, PAR

Linda Benon, PAR

Robert Crwley, ‘74

Paul Garvey, ‘82

Ross Giambalvo, PAR

Frank Haden, ‘80

Christine Maiocco, PAR

Donald McComas, ‘98

George Morriss,

Michelle Reitcheck, PAR

Tari Rivera, PAR

Craig Saunders

Cynthia and Brain Scanlon,

George Vasser, ‘91

Ronald Woodmansee, ‘82