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Q: Why did you join Sigma Chi?
When I first walked in the door, I was impressed by the friendly nature of the brothers I met. It seemed like it would be a very good environment for me, and I am glad that they took me in.

Q: What was your Sigma Chi experience like? 
It was the best part of my college experience. We had a terrific group of brothers. A lot of fun.

[Sigma Chi] was the best part of my college experience. We had a terrific group of brothers.

Q: Do you have any favorite memories from your Sigma Chi days?  
So many. Our Psycho Killer parties were the place to be on campus. Jerry Knorr ’82 riding a bike around the inside of the house in the wee hours towards the tail end of parties. Panty raid at sororities during our pledge period. Kidnapping the Consul, Bob Haws ’79, and later being kidnapped myself and handcuffed to a goal post at Villanova. Helping Steve Adler ’82 and other brothers start Derby Days at Penn, which helped us to win the university’s Outstanding Fraternity Award and the chapter’s first Peterson Award. Frenchies Ho, mystery meat, and bug juice. The Boot at the Sigma Chi Lehigh chapter (though maybe that isn’t such a good memory). Building lifelong friendships.

Q: What came next for you after graduating?
On the career front, public accounting for a few years, then back to Wharton Grad, then a long career working in middle market investment banking. Currently, I’m in the Cleveland office of a Philadelphia-based firm, Boenning & Scattergood. On the family front, my wife Mary and I have three great kids: Elle (25), Jack (21), and Nat (18).

Q: How has Sigma Chi had a lasting impact on your life? 
Mostly the lifelong friendships. Also, in business, I have benefited from the Sigma Chi experience of getting things done in a team-oriented environment.

Q: What has inspired you to give back so generously to the chapter?
A: I would like Phi Phi to be around for another hundred years. I’m happy to give a little bit every year to help.

Q: Which brothers have you kept in touch with, and how? 
We just had our 35th reunion. Paul Garvey and Fran Garvey had a party with 11 from our class. Aside from Paul and me, it was Steve Adler, Jim Anderson, Steve Bujno, Jim Gray, Mark Kocent, Mike O’Neil, Jeff Ragazzini, Ron Woodmansee, and Gary Wilkinson (all ’82). A pretty strong turnout, and it was great to see everyone. I also saw Dhan Pai ’83 the next day. I am in regular e-mail contact with a number of the guys. It’s great that some in our class, including Mark Kocent and Jerry Knorr, have stayed so involved in helping the chapter. If you haven’t been back in a while, the house looks great. It is nice to always have a home on campus.

Q: What’s new in your life today? 
When my youngest is off to college in a few months, we will be almost empty-nesters. I may have a bit more time to work on my deteriorating golf game. For the 12th year in a row, I just completed a 10K as part of the Cleveland Marathon weekend. My times don’t get any better, but I am happy to be crossing the finish line.

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