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The State of the Phi Phi Chapter

Aaron Kim '19, Consul

Brothers, I am pleased to report that the state of the Phi Phi Chapter of Sigma Chi remains extremely strong. This past fall semester, the brotherhood initiated five young men who were deemed fit for membership. Coming into spring recruitment this semester, we have 61 active brothers in the chapter and have built on this foundation by extending bids to ten additional pledges. These ten pledges have proven themselves to be men of extraordinary character and are preparing to be initiated later this spring.

In addition to thriving within the Greek community as well as the classroom, numerous Phi Phi brothers have made great accomplishments on the athletic fields as well. This past fall, we had 12 brothers representing the Red and the Blue on the Penn Football team, including the starting quarterback, Will Fischer-Colbrie ’18. This spring, brothers Gabriel Kleiman ’18 and Andrew Murnane ’18 will lead the Penn baseball team into action serving as Co-Captains.

As the national spotlight and scrutiny of Greek life continues to intensify, the brothers of the Phi Phi Chapter are ready to accept this challenge head-on. We look forward to holding ourselves accountable as well as embracing the challenges of following the University’s regulatory measures and completing the accreditation processes. In response to the new policy changes rolled out by Sigma Chi Fraternity International Headquarters, we sent 20 brothers to attend the Province Conference with Sigma Chi representatives from Villanova and West Chester universities. This proved as a successful platform for discussion among all three chapters to fully understand these new policy changes in addition to planning how best to follow these new guidelines. After the ceremony, we honored our recently deceased brother, Jon M. Huntsman Sr. ’59 with the White Rose Ceremony. The Phi Phi Chapter is here to stay and will continue to be leaders within the Greek community at Penn.

As Josh Hartman transitions out of the role of Grand Praetor, the Phi Phi Chapter wishes him the best of luck in all of his future endeavors. It was a pleasure working with him and we will always be grateful for the guidance he provided to our chapter. We look forward to working with Ryan Gunther as the new Province Grand Praetor.

I trust that all of our alumni brothers continue to do well and know that all of us here at the Phi Phi welcome you back to the Chapter House whenever you are in Philadelphia.