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Brothers in the "Banjo Pic" Identified

Last month we published a great old photo of two Phi Phi brothers from the 1960 edition of The Record. We asked that you write in to us if you recognized either of the brothers or if you remember the photo being taken. While we received a handful of responses, thanks to our excellent alumni readers, the best and most detailed explanations came from brothers Alvin Shoemaker '60 and Ernest Preate '62.

Alvin Shoemaker '60: "They are Leigh Faldi and Jon Greenawalt. Leigh was my roommate and the coxswain on the Crew. He was the social chairman and managed to run through the budget halfway through the football season. Great parties! His sons Finn and Kelly are both Phi Phi Sigma Chi's. Jon was an end on the football team. All Ivy and Spoon man. In the Fall, Leigh and I waited tables at the Theta house and in the Spring we went on training table and Jon and the football team came off training and took the jobs. The Theta's were a great group. Their house was where the bridge is now."

Ernest Preate '62: "I was in the Class of '62. The brothers pictured are Jon Greenawalt on the banjo and C. Leigh Faldi. Greens is still around and so are his kids, I believe. Leigh died some years ago (1996). Both were well-liked in the House. Greens, I think was the Spoon man in his class at Penn. Very popular and respected. McComas, Spike Shoemaker and Rob Gleason knew them quite well.”

We thank Brothers Shoemaker and Preate for taking time to write in to us and we encourage all alumni to send us their old stories and pictures. That is what this whole program is about! Click HERE to submit an update or a story and be featured in the next edition.