The Next Best Thing to Going Back to College

Do you ever wish that you could re-live your Sigma Chi experience?

While we can't take you back to your undergraduate days, we can offer you the next best thing: Membership in our alumni association. Actively participating in our alumni organization is the closest you'll get to going back to college. 

As an active member, you'll:

  • Be invited to exclusive alumni events
  • Receive frequent updates with the latest chapter and alumni news, as well as stories from your Sigma Chi friends
  • Have access to a network of Phi Phi brothers (for whom you can search by name, era, or region on our online directory)
  • Positively influence the next generation of alumni by portraying the lifelong benefits of membership to current undergrads

Your annual fund donation secures your yearly membership and helps us continue offering these benefits to you and hundreds of other Phi Phi Chapter brothers. Make your gift to kick off our 2017-18 giving year.

Sigma Chi Rounds Out UPenn Experience

Michael Grossman ’99 Can’t Help but Give Back Each Year

If you ask Michael Grossman ’99, Phi Phi was anything but the negative stereotype that most fraternities bear. Instead, he found it to be the perfect balance of everything he was looking for during college. Like for many others, that started with the desire for a smaller, closer-knit community within a school as big as Penn.

“During rush, it became clear to me that Sigma Chi was the community that I wanted to be a part of,” says Michael. “Surrounded by brothers with diverse interests and serious passions pursued outside of the house, but who at the end of the day came together upon common ground for friendship and release at 3809 Locust Walk.”

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