Phi Phi Chapter History

As we approach our 100 anniversary at 3809 Locust this fall, here is a remarkable history of the early days of the founding and re-establishment of the Phi Phi Chapter at the University of Pennsylvania. Apparently the Chapter went inactive for one or two brief periods after it was founded in 1875. This document covers the chapter’s renewal in the 1890's from which time it has remained active. There is an interesting summation of the addresses we had prior to our acquiring the Drexel-Paul home at 3809 Locust in 1920. Click "Read More" to read the story.

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Donors by Decade

 We want to take a moment to thank our Brothers on the all-time donor list for the annual fund and campaign pledges. The all-time donor list includes any brother who has given back at some point since leaving campus. If you’re interested in how your decade has performed in all-time giving, click "Read More" to see the current giving year by decade! 

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