Yearbook Flashback

From the 1960 Edition of The Record...

We found this great old picture on the Sigma Chi page of the 1960 edition of UPenn's undergraduate yearbook, The Record. We would love to know more about the two brothers in this picture. Let us know if you are one of these two gentlemen or if you recognize them. Send your updates and responses This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Why Do You GIve to Phi Phi?

Some Thoughts On Why We Still Give

Phi Phi thanks all of the Brothers who have given to our organization all-time, as well as this year. Have you ever asked yourself why you give? Is it part of your charitable routine? Do you believe in affording the next generation of young men with the same experience you had with Phi Phi? Whatever the case, we thank you. Here are some reasons we collected from past surveys of other Sigma Chi members from about why they have and continue to give back to our organization:

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Chapter Report

The State of the Phi Phi Chapter

Aaron Kim '19, Consul

Brothers, I am pleased to report that the state of the Phi Phi Chapter of Sigma Chi remains extremely strong. This past fall semester, the brotherhood initiated five young men who were deemed fit for membership. Coming into spring recruitment this semester, we have 61 active brothers in the chapter and have built on this foundation by extending bids to ten additional pledges. These ten pledges have proven themselves to be men of extraordinary character and are preparing to be initiated later this spring.

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