Brett Nakfoor '91

Brett Nakfoor '91 
My wife Jessica and I have been married 17 years and our two children, 
Theo, 12 and Daphne 8, are both doing great. I keep in touch with many brothers including Doug Kramer, 
Chris Glinski, Sterling Lapinski, Alex Doll, Matt Hipps and many others.

Norman J. Wohlken '54

Norman J. Wohlken '54
I agree with Ferg Sloan (Class of 1954) that joining Sigma Chi was memorable and unforgettable experience. We were influenced not only by Don Scanlon (1952) but also Consul Jug McCullough and Swiss mountain climber Whitey Lundin, not to 
mention the “Sweetheart of Sigma Chi.”


Jesse Taylor '11

Post-graduation work brought me down to the Lone-Star State, which for me served as a new frontier as I had never been to Texas before moving here to start working. Coincidentally, shortly after making the move, a fellow Phi Phi pledge brother, Adrian Thomas, also got a job placement in Houston. Having a fellow Phi Phi brother in Houston has really helped both of us transition to a new and different city. Last year we organized a mini reunion weekend, hosting a few pledge brothers who made the trip down to Houston. We hope to make this an annual tradition and have more Phi Phis come experience the southern hospitality in the years ahead.

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